Cảm biến nhiệt độ CHINO – Japan

Cảm biến nhiệt độ CHINOSC Series Sheathed Thermocouples

1/ SC Series Sheathed Thermocouples

Models: SCYS1-0; SCHS1-0


ElementK, J, E, T, N (φ0.15, φ0.3, φ0.5 are for K only) (R thermocouple is also available)
ToleranceJIS class 1 (grade 0.4), 2 (grade 0.75)
Protective Tube MaterialK: SUS316, SUS310S, SUS347, NCF600 (Inconel) (φ0.15 is for SUS316 only, φ0.3, φ0.5 are for NCF600 only) J, E, T:SUS316 N: NCF600
Protective Tube Outer Diameterφ0.15, φ0.3, φ0.5, φ1.0, φ1.6, φ3.2, φ4.8, φ6.4, φ8.0mm
Sheath Thickness10% or more of metal sheath outer diameter
Element Diameter15% or more of metal sheath outer diameter
Sheath Standard Length300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000mm
Bending Radius2 to 3 times or more of sheath outer diameter *10 times or more after temperature rise
Maximum Lengthφ0.15: 2m, φ0.3: 3m, φ0.5: Closed type 10m, Grounded type 50m, φ1.0: 200m, φ1.6: 100m, φ3.2: 50m, φ4.8: 50m, φ6.4: 35m, φ8: 15m

Working Temperature Normal Limit

Sheath Outer Diameter (mm)Protective Tube Material
K thermocoupleJ thermocoupleE thermocoupleT thermocoupleN thermocouple

2/ NC Series Solidpak Thermocouples

Models: NCZS1-0


ToleranceJIS class 1 (grade 0.4), 2 (grade 0.75)
Protective Tube MaterialSUS316, SUS310S, SUH446 (Sandvik P4), 253MA
Protective Tube Outer Diameter
(Element Diameter)
φ10 (φ1.6), φ15 (φ1.6), φ22 (φ3.2)
Protective Tube LengthUp to 2000mm
Tip TypeClosed type
FillingHighly pure magnesia MgO
Double Elements Protective Tube Outer Diameter
(Element Diameter)
φ10(φ1.6), φ15(φ1.6), φ22(φ2.3)mm

Normal Working Limit

Type of ThermocoupleMaterialOuter Diameter
Sandvik 253MA1200°C

3/ Industrial Temperature Sensor C


ModelProtective tube dimensions(φmm)Protective tubeWire

General Specifications

Protective tubeSUS304、SUH446
Protective tube dimensions(φmm)6、8、10、12、15、22
ClassK、N、E、J、T・・・JIS Class1、Class2
Wire Diameter(φmm)B、S、R――0.5

4/ C015 Series Non-Contact Type Roller Surface Thermocouples

Models: C015-11; C015-21; C015-31; C015-41; C015-23


Sensor ElementK thermocouple
Wire Diameterφ0.1mm
Measuring RangeCommon type: SAT* to 250°C High temperature type: SAT* to 500°C
Ambient TemperatureCommon type: max. 100°C High temperature type: max. 230°C
Measuring Accuracy*±5°C within measuring range 200°C When the compensating is given at about a half way of the measuring range.
Measuring Distance1 to 2 mm stable
Response TimeApprox. 6sec. (time constant)
Output SignalThermal EMF of K thermocouple
Output Impedance15 to 22Ω
Output Stabilizing FilterThickness 0.07 mm amber mica
Compensation Lead Wireφ7mm heat-resisting vinyl lead wire or silicon rubber lead wire 5m (10m)

5/ NR Series Sheathed Resistance Thermometers

Model: NRZS1-0; NRHS1-0


ElementPt100, JPt100 3-wire type
ToleranceJIS class A, B
Measuring Current 2mA, 1mA
Measuring Temperature-200 to 500°C
Protective Tube MaterialSUS316
Protective Tube Outer Diameterφ3.2, φ4.8, φ6.4, φ8mm
Protective Tube Length300 to 2000mm
Tip TypeClosed type
Bending Radius2 to 3 times or more of protective tube outer diameter
Bending Banded AreaFrom top 100mm
Mounting BracketImpossible to mount within 70mm from top
FilingHighly pure magnesia MgO
Double Elements Protective Tube Outer Diameterφ3.2, φ4.8, φ6.4, φ8mm

6/ Industrial Temperature Sensor R

Models: R61; R63; R81; R83; RW1; RW3


ToleranceJIS class A, B
Measuring Current2mA、1mA
Measuring Temperature-200 to 650℃(JPt100:500℃)

7/ R000, R011, R030, R031 Gas/Air Temperature Sensors

Models: R000-31; R000-32; R000-31W; R000-32W; R011-3; R011-3W; R030-3; R030-3W; R031-3; R031-3T


Resistance ElementPt100, 100Ω at 0°C 3-wire
ToleranceJIS class B, class A
(Only class A for R031)
Rated Current2mA, 1mA
(Only 1mA for R031)
Protective Tube MaterialR000-32, R011, R030・・・SUS304
R000-31・・・Nickel-plated brass
ResponsivenessR000-31・・・Approx. 70sec.: in the air 50°C→20°C
R000-32・・・Approx. 3min.: in the air 50°C→20°C
R011・・・Approx. 50sec.: in the air 50°C→20°C
R030・・・Approx. 25sec.: in the air 50°C→20°C
R031・・・Approx. 50sec.: in the air 50°C→25°C

8/ R060 Series Surface Temperature Sensors (Resistance Thermometer)

Models: R060-31; R060-11; R060-32; R060-35; R060-36; R060-37; R060-12; R060-15; R060-16; R060-17; R060-33; R060-13; R060-34; R060-14


Resistance ElementPt100, JPt100 3-wire
ToleranceJIS class B
Measuring Current2mA
Lead WireWith 2m
Mounting on Curved SurfaceOnly available for R060-□2, -□3, -□5, -□6
(Minimum bending radius 20mm)

9/ C060 Series Sheet Couples (Thermocouple)

Models: C060-K; C060-T


ElementK, T
ToleranceJIS class 2
Measuring Temperature-40 to 300°C (Insulating paper heat resistance is 250°C)
Lead Wireφ0.32mm K, T thermocouples
ConnectionSpot welding (or soldering if using at relatively low temperature)
Installation MethodPasting with adhesive or pressure bonding
ResponsivenessWith insulating paper
25°C →100°C (in the water)・・・Approx. 0.1sec. or less
25°C →100°C (in the air)・・・Approx. 14sec.
Without insulating paper
25°C →100°C (in the water)・・・Approx. 0.1 sec. or less
25°C →100°C (in the air)・・・Approx. 8sec.
(*In the still water and air)
External DimensionsElement Width 1.5× Thickness 0.07× Length 35mm
Insulating paper C 7× Thickness 0.2× Length 7mm

10/ R800-6/R800-7 Platinum/Cobalt Industrial Resistance Thermometers for Very Low Temperature


Thermosensitive ElementPlatinum/Cobalt dilute alloy
Measuring TemperatureR800-6: 4K to 375K R800-7: 15K to 375K
Resistance Value at 0°C100Ω±0.15Ω
Tolerance±0.5k (refer to standard resistance value table)
Rated Current 1mA DC
SensitivityMin0.09Ω/K (at 12K) Max. 0.40Ω/K
Repeatabilitywithin 10mk
Structure of Thermosensitive ElementSpiral coil type alumina ceramics
Protecting TubeCapsule type gold plating brass φ2×23mm
Lead Wire4-core type polyester covered copper lead wire φ0.2×L1000mm

11/ Headless Type Resistance Thermometers (General Type) R005

Models: R005-311; R005-312; R005-111; R005-112; R005-321; R005-322; R005-121; R005-122; R005-331; R005-341; R005-131; R005-141

12/ Headless Type Resistance Thermometers (Superfine Type) R040

Models: R040-31; R040-32; R040-11; R040-12

General Specifications

ElementPt100(JPt100)、100Ωat0℃  three-wire type
ClassJIS Class B、Class A
Range-50 to 100℃
Lead wireDiameter・・・φ3.8
Material・・・Soft polyvinyl covered wire
ResponseRoom temp.→Boiling Water(100℃)・・・About 3.5 sec.(90%)

13/ Headless Type Resistance Thermometer (Ultrafine Type) R003

Models: R003-3; R003-1

General Specifications

ElementPt100(JPt100)、100Ωat0℃ three wire type
ClassJIS Class B、Class A
Range-50 to 200℃
Material of protective tubeSUS316
Length of protective tube 100、200mm
Lead wireCold-resistant vinyl(WY34) length 3m
Responseφ1.0・・・Room temp.→Boiling Water(100℃)・・・Aout 3.5

14/ Headless Type Resistance Thermometers (Submersible Type) R900,R902

Models: R900-31; R900-31W; R900-32; R900-32W; R902-31; R900-11; R900-11W; R900-12; R900-12W; R902-11

General Specifications

ElementPt100(JPt100)、100Ωat0℃ three-wire type
ClassJIS Class B、Class A
Range-50 to 150℃

15/ Headless Type Resistance Thermometers (Buried Type) R903

Models: R903-3N; R903-3WN; R903-1N; R903-1WN

General Specifications

ElementPt100(JPt100)、100Ωat0℃ three-wire type
ClassJIS Class B、Class A
Range-50 to 150℃
Material of protective tubeSUS304
Lead Wire Diameterφ8mm
Lead Wire Length50mm
Lead Wire Materialneoprene rubber

16/ Coverd Thermocouples

Models: ET3; MK3; VT3; VT6; VK3; VK6; GT3; GT6; GK0; GK3; GK6; GE3; GE6; GJ3; GJ6; JT3; JT6; JK3; JK6

17/ MF1000 Digital Thermometer For Foods


  • Wide temperature range of -40 to 260°C
  • High accuracy of ±0.5°C, high-speed response of 2 seconds
  • Easy to use in your hand with the sensor fit to the backside of the thermometer
  • Conforms to IP67 (dustproof and waterproof) and washable.
  • Anti-bacteria ABS resin housing fits in your safety program.
  • Enables to store the sensor with cable to the thermometer for easy carrying
  • 500 hours working with auto-power-off function built in.


Temperature range-40 to 260°C
Measuring accuracy±0.5°C (at the ambient temperature of 0 to 50°C)
Response time2 seconds (0°C water, 90% response)
SensorK type thermocouple, metal protective tube type
Junction typeGrounded junction type
DisplayLCD, 3-1/2 digit, Character height 12.7mm
Display resolution0.1°C (-40.0 to 99.9°C), 1°C (100 to 260°C)
Working environmentAmbient temperature … 0 to 50°C
Ambient humidity … 0 to 90%RH (no dew condensation)
Power supply006P battery (9V), 1 piece
Battery life500 hours (continuous working at 25 °C)
Auto-power-offAutomatic-power-off after 5 minutes (Power-off by a key is enabled.)
Case materialABS resin (anti-bacteria)
Grip materialABS resin (anti-bacteria)
Sensor cableSilicone sheath extension wire
WeightAbout 165g (excluding a battery)
AccessoriesBelt-clip, battery